Beverage-specific alcohol intake and bone loss in older men and women: a longitudinal study

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Yin JW, T.; Quinn, S.; Giles, G.; Jones, G. (2011) Beverage-specific alcohol intake and bone loss in older men and women: a longitudinal study. Eur J Clin Nutr 65:526-532


BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: There is inconsistent evidence regarding the association between moderate alcohol consumption and bone mineral density (BMD). The aim of this study was to describe the associations between total and beverage-specific alcohol intake and bone loss in older men and women. SUBJECT/METHODS: A total of 862 randomly selected subjects (mean age 63 years, range 51-81, 51% men) were studied at baseline and 2 years later. BMD was assessed by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Beverage specific and total alcohol intake was assessed by food-frequency questionnaire. Falls risk was determined using the short form Physiological Profile Assessment. Incident fractures were ascertained by questionnaire. RESULTS: Total alcohol intake in men positively predicted change in BMD at the lumbar spine and hip (beta=0.008% and 0.006% per year per gram, P<0.05) after="" adjustment="" for="" confounders,="" but="" there="" was="" no="" significant="" association="" between="" alcohol="" intake="" and="" change="" in="" bmd="" in="" women.="" lumbar="" spine="" bmd="" at="" baseline="" was="" negatively="" associated="" with="" frequency="" of="" spirits/liquor="" drinking="" in="" men="" (beta="-0.01" g/cm(2)="" per="" category,="" p="0.045)" and="" was="" positively="" associated="" with="" frequency="" of="" beer="" drinking="" (low="" alcohol)="" in="" women="" (beta="0.034" g/cm(2)="" per="" category,="" p="0.002)." change="" in="" lumbar="" spine="" bmd="" was="" positively="" associated="" with="" the="" frequency="" of="" red="" wine="" drinking="" in="" men="" (beta="0.08%" per="" year="" per="" class,="" p="0.046)." neither="" beverage-specific="" nor="" total="" alcohol="" intake="" was="" associated="" with="" falls="" risk="" or="" fracture.="" conclusions:="" alcohol="" intake="" especially="" red="" wine="" might="" prevent="" bone="" loss="" in="" older="" men="" but="" not="" women,="" whereas="" low-alcohol="" beer="" may="" be="" protective="" in="" women="" and="" spirits/liquor="" may="" be="" deleterious="" in="">

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