A whole of population-based series of radical prostatectomy in Victoria, 1995 to 2000

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Bolton D, Severi G, Millar JL, Kelsall H, Davidson AJ, Smith C, Bagnato M, Pedersen J, Giles G, Syme R (2009) A whole of population-based series of radical prostatectomy in Victoria, 1995 to 2000. Aust N Z J Public Health 33:527-533


OBJECTIVE: Radical prostatectomy (RP) as a first line treatment of prostate cancer was rare prior to the advent of prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing, yet little is known of its use and outcomes in a population setting. We described baseline characteristics of cases in the Victorian Radical Prostatectomy Register (VRPR), investigated possible associations between demographic characteristics and characteristics at diagnosis and at surgery and trends over time. METHODS: The VRPR is a population-based series of all RPs performed in Victoria from July 1995 to December 2000 (n=2,154). RESULTS: On average, socio-economic status for cases was higher than for the general Victorian population (34% vs 20% in the highest quintile respectively, p<0.0001). the="" proportion="" of="" psa-detected="" cases="" increased="" from="" 53%="" in="" 1995="" to="" 79%="" in="" 2000="" (p="" for="" linear="" trend="0.0004)." age="" at="" surgery="" and="" psa="" levels="" at="" diagnosis="" decreased="" over="" time="" (p="0.006" and="" p="0.04" respectively).="" the="" proportion="" of="" cases="" with="" gleason="" score="">< or="5" from="" rp="" decreased="" from="" 35%="" in="" 1995="" to="" 14%="" in="" 2000,="" while="" cases="" with="" gleason="" score="" 6-7="" increased="" from="" 60%="" to="" 79%.="" similar="" trends="" were="" observed="" for="" gleason="" score="" from="" biopsy.="" we="" found="" little="" evidence="" of="" significant="" trends="" over="" time="" in="" other="" pathological="" characteristics="" relevant="" to="" prognosis.="" conclusion="" and="" implications:="" the="" vrpr="" provides="" a="" unique="" whole="" of="" population="" based="" description="" of="" radical="" prostatectomy="" in="" victoria,="" confirms="" findings="" previously="" reported="" in="" single="" institution="" clinical="" series="" overseas="" such="" as="" migration="" to="" younger="" age="" at="" surgery="" and="" to="" gleason="" scores="" 6="" to="" 7,="" and="" provides="" a="" resource="" for="" evaluating="" rp="" outcomes="" in="" the="">

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