Foods, nutrients and prostate cancer

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Hodge AM, English DR, McCredie MR, Severi G, Boyle P, Hopper JL, Giles GG (2004) Foods, nutrients and prostate cancer. Cancer Causes Control 15:11-20


OBJECTIVE: To examine the risk of prostate cancer associated with foods and nutrients, including individual fatty acids and carotenoids. METHODS: Population-based case-control study of 858 men aged <70 years="" at="" diagnosis="" with="" histologically="" confirmed="" prostate="" cancer="" of="" gleason="" grade="" 5="" or="" greater,="" and="" 905="" age-frequency-matched="" men,="" selected="" at="" random="" from="" the="" electoral="" rolls.="" dietary="" intakes="" were="" assessed="" with="" a="" 121-item="" food="" frequency="" questionnaire.="" results:="" inverse="" associations="" with="" prostate="" cancer="" were="" observed="" for="" (odds="" ratio,="" or,="" 95%="" confidence="" intervals,="" 95%="" ci="" for="" tertile="" iii="" compared="" with="" tertile="" i)="" allium="" vegetables="" 0.7,="" 0.5-0.9;="" p="" trend="" 0.01,="" tomato-based="" foods="" 0.8,="" 0.6-1.0;="" p="" trend="" 0.03="" and="" total="" vegetables="" 0.7,="" 0.5-1.0;="" p="" trend="" 0.04.="" margarine="" intake="" was="" positively="" associated="" with="" prostate="" cancer="" 1.3,="" 1.0-1.7;="" p="" trend="" 0.04.="" the="" only="" statistically="" significant="" associations="" observed="" with="" nutrients="" were="" weak="" inverse="" associations="" for="" palmitoleic="" acid="" (="" p="" trend="" 0.04),="" fatty="" acid="" 17:1="" (="" p="" trend="" 0.04),="" and="" 20:5="" n-6="" (="" p="" trend="" 0.05);="" and="" a="" non-significant="" trend="" for="" oleic="" acid="" (="" p="" trend="" 0.09).="" neither="" total,="" nor="" beverage-specific,="" intake="" of="" alcohol="" was="" associated="" with="" risk.="" conclusions:="" based="" on="" these="" findings,="" diets="" rich="" in="" olive="" oil="" (a="" source="" of="" oleic="" acid),="" tomatoes="" and="" allium="" vegetables="" might="" reduce="" the="" risk="" of="" prostate="">

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