Association of the human Y chromosome with high blood pressure in the general population

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Ellis JA, Stebbing M, Harrap SB (2000) Association of the human Y chromosome with high blood pressure in the general population. Hypertension 36:731-733


Genetic variation in the Y chromosome has significant effects on male blood pressure in experimental animals, but the effects in humans are unknown. We examined the relationship between blood pressure and a polymorphic HINdIII restriction site in the nonrecombining region of the Y chromosome in 409 randomly selected men from the general population. Carefully standardized measures of systolic and diastolic blood pressures were made. The HINdIII restriction site was significantly more common (43.2%) in men in the lowest decile of the diastolic blood pressure distribution than men in the highest decile (15.9%, P=0.007). No significant difference in genotype frequency was observed between the lowest and highest deciles for systolic pressure (32.4% versus 27.8%, P=0.66). In the entire group, men with the HIN:dIII restriction site had significantly lower diastolic blood pressures (81.2 mm Hg, SD:8.3, versus 83.2 mm Hg, SD:8.7, P=0.03). No significant differences in systolic blood pressure (130.6 mm Hg, SD:14.7, versus 128.3 mm Hg, SD:13.6) were observed in relation to genotypes. Our results indicate that genetic variation in the human Y chromosome is associated with high blood pressure and contributes significantly to the quantitative variation of male diastolic blood pressure in the general population.

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