PEDIGREE is a resource of data, bio-specimens and research expertise established by Cancer Council Victoria and The University of Melbourne. Its purpose is to facilitate high-quality collaborative epidemiological research on cancer. PEDIGREE has a significant asset in the data and bio-specimens it has collected, encompassing 100,000 people, 20,000 cancer families, and 1,000,000 bio-specimens. For details on the studies and research centres that constitute PEDIGREE, see our  PEDIGREE STUDIES section.

PEDIGREE researchers study the genetic and environmental associations with the risk and prognosis of some of the common cancers that affect Australians. It brings together facilities with similar purposes across Australia and has established ties to international research consortia.

PEDIGREE is accessible, in collaboration, to scientifically meritorious and ethically approved Australian and international research proposals. It is supported by several major institutions and has a transparent, accountable and adaptable governance system.

If you’re interested in using PEDIGREE resources, read further at  Working with PEDIGREE. For any questions, contact us at  pedigree@cancervic.org.au.


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