Management Team

The PEDIGREE management team covers many skill sets and a broad range of research experience. It includes:

There is a proven opportunity for rapid translation to health care, with a commitment from the Genetic Services for cancer in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland (NZ). These and other researchers from across the country play key roles within the management structure of PEDIGREE.

Currently, management and informatics for the ACCFR, ABCFR and VPCFS is provided by The University of Melbourne and for Health 2020 and the APCFS by Cancer Council Victoria. Biospecimens collected from participants in the ACCFR, ABCFR, APCFS, and VPCFS are deliberately duplicated between two laboratories, at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research and at The University of Melbourne. Additional biorepository back-up is provided for the APCFS at Cancer Council Victoria. Biorepository duplication is an important risk management strategy, especially with such a large collection and rate of inventory transactions.

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