Non-mydriatic digital macular photography: how good is the second eye photograph?

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Aung KZR, L.; Chong, E. W.; English, D. R.; Giles, G. G.; Guymer, R. H. (2009) Non-mydriatic digital macular photography: how good is the second eye photograph? Ophthalmic Epidemiol 16:254-261


PURPOSE: In an elderly Australian population, to evaluate the quality of fundus photographs taken non-mydriatically in both eyes, and to compare the quality of those taken second with those taken first. METHODS: From 2258 participants (4516 images) aged 70 years and older who participated in the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study (MCCS), digital non-stereoscopic 45 degrees retinal photographs were taken with a Canon CR6-45NM Non-mydriatic Retinal Camera and evaluated. The quality of macular images was assessed as good, fair, and poor and McNemar's test was used to analyze variation in quality. RESULTS: Gradable quality images were obtained from 95.8% eyes of participants, with 93.9% of participants having gradable photos of both eyes. The gradable rate for the eye photographed first (right), was significantly higher than that for the eye photographed second (left): 89.7% vs. 85.6%, respectively (difference of 4.12%, confidence interval [CI] of 2.68-5.54%, p < 0.001).="" the="" rate="" of="" ungradable="" photographs="" from="" the="" second="" eye="" was="" slightly="" greater="" than="" the="" first="" eye="" (4.5%="" and="" 3.8%,="" respectively),="" but="" the="" difference="" in="" proportion="" was="" not="" statistically="" significant="" (difference="" of="" 3.6%,="" ci="" of="" 0.17-1.5%,="" p="0.384)." conclusions:="" in="" the="" setting="" of="" a="" large="" elderly="" cohort="" study,="" non-dilated="" 45="" degrees="" digital="" retinal="" imaging="" is="" an="" excellent="" method="" for="" fundus="" examination.="" it="" is="" fast,="" easy="" to="" use,="" non-invasive,="" and="" a="" reliable="" amd="" (age-related="" macular="" degeneration)-detecting="" technique="" with="" only="" a="" minor="" loss="" of="" information="" from="" the="" second="">

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